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Privacy Policy

Updated: May 3, 2015

Williams Web Solutions protects your privacy. Williams Web Solutions will not sell, rent or give away personal information regarding its members to any third party. This system is a communication channel for members to exchange strictly on Williams Web Solutions information only. At any time you believe you have received unsolicited email due to our system, you can report it and we will terminate the abuser! Any information that you trust us with and give to us is protected and held with the utmost security.

We do not knowingly collect personal information from minors and ask that children under 18 years of age not submit personal information on our Website without parental consent. Although we cannot prevent children under 18 from submitting personal information, we will destroy such information if we are made aware that proper consent was not given. Further we indemnify any minor from being able to make any legal contractual obligation or financial commitment and will destroy all contact information, content, and material provided by the unauthorized user.

Once you become a member of Williams Web Solutions, we automatically place you on our activity list to Email you out the latest updates about your account, hot deals and new services.

Williams Web Solutions takes your privacy seriously. Williams Web Solutions understands that the confidentiality of your data is important to you. Williams Web Solutions agrees to not sell, lease, divulge -- or use in any way -- personal or corporate data, or personal or corporate computer programs, downloaded to Williams Web Solutions in relation to a hosted account, or data entered into a hosted account over the Internet by end users of a hosted application.

Williams Web Solutions agrees to hold confidential all such personal or corporate data or programs. Any copies made by Williams Web Solutions of such data or programs will be made for backup purposes only, and shall be treated with confidentiality.

Williams Web Solutions is aware of laws and company policies requiring archiving and storage of data, media, information including but not limited to e-mail, website, etc. Client will be responsible at their offices to comply within the guidelines required and holds Williams Web Solutions not responsible or liable for maintaining or storing this data or the accuracy of the data.

When you register as a member at Williams Web Solutions, you agree to accept this privacy policy and are aware that our privacy policy may change at any time. This policy will always be available for members to review at a visible place on our Web site. Members will always be told in advance of any change in our privacy policy.

If you have any questions or concerns with our Privacy Statement, please feel free to contact us any time.